Two more for the list...

I finished two more books over the past couple days. I am a reading fool! I'm telling you, this writer's strike is killing my obsession with TV and that may not be such a bad thing.

I started Love In Another Town first but left it at work one evening and started A Thousand Splendid Suns which I ended up finishing first. The latter is more the kind of book that I read. It was written by the same author as The Kite Runner and it was, once again, amazing! I can't give that author enough credit.

Love In Another Town was more of a romance, pretty cheesy, a little predictable and silly...not my type of book. But it was there to keep my attention and it didn't use the "N" word.

I am now working on The Abstinence Teacher, tough to start, but I am sure I will get into it.

One of the bonuses in all of my reading: It is now 9:30, Zachary can't sleep and he is in his bed...reading! He started and finished one book this evening and now he is working on his second. While I would prefer he would sleep at this hour (and I know that I will regret this in the morning) it is better than playing his Game Boy in his bed or wandering downstairs for "just one more drink" or to "go potty" or to tell me all about the blisters he got ice skating today...

My point? He loves to read! His father has only once, in our 8+ years of being together, finished a book. It isn't that Kirby isn't brilliant (because he is) but he doesn't enjoy reading. Tom doesn't either. It is a fight to get him to read for 20 minutes a night.

But Zachary - oh man, I LOVE that he LOVES to read!



And then we have Andrew. Most everything in Andrew's life has been a struggle. The majority of his motor skills (find and gross) are behind his peers (and always have been), he struggles with math and with language (while he can speak just about any word you ask he had very little pragmatic speech until recently). HOWEVER, THIS KID CAN READ! He is at age level for his pre-reading skills and, with his memory, he is able to pick up a book and read it right way. Of course, we are talking about Dick and Jane type books, but age level! He recognizes words all the time! HE IS AMAZING!

I started reading with them as soon as they were born. They have always seen me read. The library is an outing for us. They were taught that books are fun and they love them. Ah, I did something right :)

Oh and few bonus pics of my littlest man...this is what happens when Daddy has bath time duty!



Before I finished typing this post...Zachary informed me that he has finished his second book...I can't keep up!


Nicki said...

ooh does zach love those magic treehouse books as much as Xander? that's what I am reading to him too.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

He does! I was looking for a series to start him on, something he could read to himself and that he would enjoy - Magic Treehouse books are it! I highly recommend them to most anyone!

Jessi said...

That is so great that you have them reading. How cute is Andrew in the tub??!! Simply delicious.

Love the redesign... for a moment I thought I was in the wrong place ;)