So, after a couple months, or so, of blogging here, I am just realizing that Nicki and I have the same exact page layout. Well, not anymore, baby!

In some strange way Nicki and I are, somehow, cosmically connected. I can't quite explain it. While we knew each other in high school we were never very close. We "re met" planning our 5 year reunion and have been, essentially, inseparable every since. In fact, since Kirby has been home more lately, he realizes how often we talk. I got a little snide comment about the hours I spend on the phone with her...if he only knew. I'm not sure what it is, but we always seem to understand each other. She and I have so many similarities in our lives and yet many vast differences. I can't explain how blessed I am to have Nicki in my life - the things she has helped me through! But do we need to share the same layout? I think not! :)

Enjoy the redesign!

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