The evil part of me...

Do you ever get the, nearly, uncontrollable urge to drive over the freshly painted lines on the road? I do. Anytime I see the road crew painting the lines I fight the desire to mess up those beautiful lines...this was my day.

Andrew had his neurologist's appointment today in Bedford. For those of you that don't know, Bedford is right outside of Manchester which means, nearly a 90 minute drive. I was asked to get there 10 minutes early and was told to be prepared for traffic. We left home by 9am.

Traffic was minimal most of the way down (or over as the case may be). I found the place with no problems - aside from the road crews on almost every road I came across.

I swear, every PWD (Public Works Department) in NH thought today was the perfect day to paint those lines. I hit them on almost every road I was on...well, not HIT them, just came across them.

The neurologist's appointment was just as uneventful. The doctor was great. He agreed that medicating my little man is not necessary. Although, he did say he has epilepsy (I guess anyone who has had more then 2 seizures is labeled that way). He suggested an MRI just to rule out a brain tumor (though he was sure to let me know that the chances of this were like 1 in 400); so, in a couple of months we will drive to Lebanon, NH for that (that's about 2 1/2 hours from here).

After the doctor we went to Alex's for lunch (he lives relatively close by) and got to see he and Andrea. THAT was eventful. Alex and Andrea have no reason to childproof their home and with Andrew no small amount of childproofing will do. the cat's toy mice ended up in the water dish, the fuzzy pens ended up there too...he ate more peanut M&Ms then any one child should in an afternoon and pulled apart the decorations. We left after an hour which was soon enough for me. Thankfully, this time we made it out without decorating anything with his feces...we have not been so lucky in the past.

We made it home (after a couple of stops because mom was getting a bit drowsy) without hitting an PWD crews, trucks or freshly painted lines...no matter how much I desired it. I guess that is the evil part of me...

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