Busy, busy, busy!!

So much happening, so little time to sit down and post!

Embracing Autism is making HUGE strides! I have never been more proud to be part of something! We have held three fundraisers and made well over $1000! This is huge!

This money is seed money to be sure that our August Autism Awareness/Family Day goes off without a hitch! We have so many plans and want to be sure that this day is all about the families. This little bit of money will help us make that happen.

We have also been in contact with some families that really need our help. If nothing else, they need to hear from someone that they are not alone.

One family has a 3 year old that was just diagnosed with autism. She doesn't have any idea what to do. He is the sweetest little boy who allowed me to pick him up, hold him and rock him...it was heart melting. She is looking for a computer for her son to use. He has shown some interest but they can't afford one. Thanks to www.freecycle.org I was able to find a Dell Notebook and will be bringing it to her this weekend! I am SO excited! I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!

Moving on...yesterday I made a $600 deposit on my office space. I have found two wonderful women to share the other office. I am really excited about the changes! We will be painting and redecorating and making the place look brand new (or at least like some major changes have taken place).

One of the best things to come of Mark's move was my rent payment. Although the landlords went up on the rent, now that I have two people sharing his old office, I am paying less. Perfect! So, thank you all for the support you offered me, it certainly is turning out better than I could have imagined!

"Bid High, Bid Often"...tonight is the start of the 35th Annual New Hampshire Public Television (NHPTV) Auction! If you live in NH and you don't know what this is, you are missing out!

Every spring, NHPTV holds a live, on-air auction. The auction is FULL of donated things from across NH and the country. Everything from overnight stays to t-shirts to baseball cards to MASSAGE GIFT CERTIFICATES (that's right, a gift certificate of mine is being auctioned off every night).

While watching the auction is huge fun, BEING there is a completely different ball game! For the past 5 years (I think) I have volunteered a night or more of my time. It has gradually increased over the years from one night, to two, to 6, to whenever they need me :) This year I will be working both weekends, double shifts. I will be there when the auction starts (6pm) and stay as long as they are on air (12am or so).

So, keep your eyes peeled, I will be there, waving at the camera, working hard (bidding harder) and enjoying every minute!

Take me out to the ballgame...baseball season is here! Zachary has been practicing since before the snow was off the fields and tonight is his first game. He also has a game tomorrow afternoon AND school in the morning. Crazy! He is going to be one tired little man come 8am Monday morning!

If you are interested in getting to one of his games and need a schedule please let me know. While most games are here in Wolfeboro we do have one in Wakefield.

I keep score during the games (it can be tricky but since I did it last year the coach is counting on me). I really hope these kiddos are a bit better behaved than last year's...keeping score also means watching them in the dugout, getting them in line up, etc, etc. It'll be a great year.

So, keep your eyes out for me on NHPTV (Channel 11 for most of you) this weekend and next. Bid high, bid often! Enjoy the spring weather, get out to a baseball game!


Jessi said...

When IS the day in August?? If I can make it I would like to try. I am giong on vacation for two weeks in August, but let me know!!

Nice update. Good work. I have a mug at home that Aaron got for me that I think I may give to you next time I see you. It reads:

Remind me to stop volunteering for things.

All kidding aside, what an inspiration you are! Keep up the good work, but take care of you!!

Cray and Bickford Family said...

The Autism Day is August 23rd at the McConnell Center in Dover. I keep assumming that everyone is in my head and already knows that :)

Kirby would LOVE that mug! This is the time of year that I think he seriously considers leaving me...who can blame him?

After this next week, I am going to need a massage and a few days off!

Thanks for your support :)