February Vacation Here We Come!

What seems to be a rather sketchy school year comes to a pause for February Vacation. Although I feel that my children have had more than enough time off since November, the school department does not agree. Alas, February Vacation started at the end of the school day on Friday.

This past week I have been trying to figure out what to do with the kids all week...the busier we are the less irritated I get and the less likely I am to be begging for school to start again.

This Sunday we will attempt a sleepover with Christian (my nephew, Monica's son). He isn't big on sleepovers, actually, let me rephrase that, he gets really excited about sleepovers until the sleep part...it should be interesting (he promises there are not going to be any problems and I really want to believe him...I think Monica and I may be meeting in Alton around midnight). Zach has his hopes set high to do a 1000 piece puzzle with a ton of water and sky and a million little buildings that all look the same and Christian seems excited as well (Mom's hopes are a little more realistic and I will have other plans put in place for when their dream fizzles). Then, I figure we can do a ton of sledding (as long as the weather cooperates) to wear them out; hopefully that will help him go to sleep quickly. I think we will do english muffin pizzas for dinner and movies with popcorn in our PJs after that.

Monday, when we bring Christian home, we are meeting at Monica's for lunch then heading bowling with her and her kids and Sue. My kids love bowling (me not so much) and during the day they have some less expensive prices. Between the driving (about an hour each way) and 6 people bowling that takes up most of the day.

Tuesday morning we are going to go to the library. This time of year the kids don't get to go very often because of school. They love the library (and Andrew loves the librarian). Besides that, I already read the two books I took out on last Tuesday and I have added a bunch to my "to read" list.

Wednesday Zach is hoping to have a friend over (he only has 5 more minutes to finish his bedroom or he won't be able to). That evening he will get dropped with my mom for a "double sleepover" (Zach has always loved spending the night away from home).

On Thursday, while Zach is with my mom, Andrew and I are hoping to catch the VeggieTales movie in North Conway. We will see how that goes...Andrew, sitting still for 85 minutes....hmmmm. He has only been to a movie one other time and it was an adventure, which is why I am taking him alone. If we need to get up and leave we will, without worrying that another kid is sitting alone (or has to miss the rest of the movie).

Finally, Friday I am taking them to Chuckee Cheese with my mother and her husband. She was going to take Zach anyway, so I thought Andrew and I would tag along. Again, these situations can be very overwhelming for Andrew so it helps that if I need to leave Zach won't have to. It also helps my sanity knowing that I only have to really be with him.

Saturday will be a quiet day (maybe Kirby can take them snowmobiling) and Sunday I get away for a few hours for my Buddy Bear meeting.

I may not have many updates this week...I hope that we are busy enough that the kids fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. I hope that the weather cooperates and they have a snow day free February vacation. And I hope that, come the end of the week, I am not broke :)


Jessi said...

I don'tknow what your buddy bear meeting is... do tell.

Good luck with the kiddo's!

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Buddy Bear is so exciting! He was created by a mom of a spectrum kid who has become very interested in maps. Her idea was to send him around the world tracking his journey with her son. It has turned into something so much more!

A fellow spectrum mommy, and a friend of mine, will be hosting Buddy at her home in Milton this summer. During his stay we will be hosting an autism awareness event in Rochester.

I blogged a bit about it here:

Jessi said...

That's right... I do remember reading about that. I just didn't know/or forgot that you had meetings..

I'm going to go back and reread

Nicki said...

sounds like a full week! have fun! I hope I hear from you a little ;)