Do you want to know the secret?

The secret is that this book is stupid. I can't do it anymore. The more I read the more irritated I get.

It is all well and good to think happy thoughts - heck it worked for Peter Pan - but we all have to grow up sometime.

My favorite part was something along the lines of this "if you keep thinking about bills, dreading bills, they are going to show up. You need to start imagining checks showing up. You can't allow yourself to think about not having enough money because then you are blocking money from coming to you."

Seriously?! I'm pretty sure that my cell bill is going to show up every month whether I think about it or not - I don't think that the guy at US Cellular is going to say "hmmm....some part of the universe is telling me not to send Erica her bill this month. Instead we are going to send her a check".

At this moment in time I cannot add it to my "Books I have read" list...it is just making me too angry.

I'm moving on to Running With Scissors. Nicki says it is "crazy". It can't be much crazier than wishing away your bills.

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Nicki said...

ooooh don't be so sure about that one... I think it is right on par with wishing away your bills... talk to me after you have read it, we'll compare notes....

BTW The checks didn't come in the mail yesterday, I got 2 offers for credit protector (can they protect me from myself is what I want to know), 2 netflix movies, and a catalog for DR Brush Mower (like I need that). Maybe the check was slipped inside the catalog should have looked before I threw it to the dump.