The beginning of the vacation...

Zach seems to be feeling better. After an afternoon of sleeping it looks like he may be well enough in the morning to go bowling. In fact, he felt well enough to concentrate for an hour or so while he and I put together a 300 piece puzzle of the United States.

While Zach was resting Andrew and I decided to head to McDonald's. Unfortunately, more than half way there I realized that I forgot my wallet (that means about 15 minutes on the road already). What made me realize I forgot my wallet, you may ask? The cop at the window asking for my license and registration...neither of which I had. He was less than impressed and left me with a nice ticket. Ugh! We turned around and grabbed my wallet and made another trek back to McDonald's.

I have to tell you, the West Ossipee McDonald's has got to be the MOST dysfunctional group of employees I have ever seen (this isn't my first dysfunctional experience). After waiting for an excruciating amount of time for FAST FOOD, the server was rude to me (imagine wanting a tray to carry your food to the table - the nerve), she got our order wrong, I watched the heating bulb above the french fries burst (thankfully AFTER we got our fries) and a few minutes later I watched and employee drop the scoop for the fries on the floor, pick it back up and use it to scoop some one's fries. All the while the employees are yelling back and forth at each other and ignoring customers.

Nonetheless, Andrew was completely oblivious to all of this and was just having a good time with his cheeseburger and fries (even though he wanted apples). It was great to hang with just him, just like "old times".

Before Andrew started kindergarten he had every Friday off. We would, oftentimes, go to a restaurant or go to his playgroup over in Manchester and eat with my brother Alex. Since September, he and I haven't been able to spend a whole lot of one on one time. It's just too bad Zachy had to get sick so we could :(

After our food we went to Ocean State Job Lots (the Ossipee version of, hmmm, well...a Christmas Tree Shop?). We got Zachy a nice fleece blanket and a book. Of course, Andrew had to get a book for himself too.

I am hoping to post pictures of our adventures this week but my camera seems to have bit the dust. I am so upset! The only thing you can see is black. A new camera is not in the budget right now.

I am going to believe that I will get one, know that it is going to happen and act like I already have it (hehehe). I may just walk around snapping black pictures and keep commenting on how beautiful they all are :)


Jessi said...

OMG... We read this one when we were on vacation... and I just remembered I hadn't commented on it yet, but... Aaron and I were laughing so hard at this post because of the "how did I know I forgot my wallet?" line.

Aaron lost his license (our cats will often bat miscellaneous things around the house) and Aaron's wallet was one of them. The license fell out and disappeared. Anyway, we eventually found the license tucked under the rug in the kitchen, but while it was missing Aaron kept saying... "I am going to get pulled over and have to be like Erica."

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Embarrassing! And, as mentioned, cops don't look to kindly on it.