Do you know The Secret?

The Secret claims that you control whatever happens in your life. Anything you want can be yours - all you have to do is ask for it. You want a million bucks? Ask for it, believe that you will get it and receive it. That simple.

I am in the middle of the book The Secret. I am working on the process of allowing the Universe to make all that I want happen.

My first goal is 10 clients each week. Starting this week I will have 10 clients each week. After the Universe makes this happen to me, then I will ask for a million bucks :)

In all actuality, the book really makes sense. It is all about your outlook on life. If you walk into a situation expecting it to be bad then it will be. But walking in with a good outlook, results are very different.

In order to change your life you have to first change your thinking. Today that is what I am working on.

Of course, this means being constantly aware of my thoughts and my feelings - which can be a tough process. I have to keep checking in with myself, "how you doin'..." (but you have to ask it like Joey Tribiani from Friends asks it - a bit of Italian, a bit of player).

It is a tougher read than I usually like. I like to not have to think a whole lot while I am reading...but, of course, this one is much more thought provoking.

I'll give you a full update in a later post...

I got "Thinking In Pictures" today, that will be another interesting one. I'm not sure if I will read that one right away, I think I might like a nice, easy read next.


Jessi said...

This is interesting. I think this is a book I just may have to check out. I am a firm believer in what the world of psychology calls an "internal locust of control." Meaning we control much of our own emotions.

Example: "You make me so mad!" If you really think about it, this is NOT a true statement. "You" don't make me anything... my anger is a result of being unable to control my emotions in regards to your behavior.

Again, this doesn't apply to everything. I will not endorse that people don't delibrately try to push buttons, hurt feelings... but again that comes from something diagnostic too... which raises the question that perhaps they come from the perspective of an external locust thinking they can get to you with their actions because the same happens to them. Does this make sense? I feel like I am talking in circles.

It's all about how you think, which one would hope is with your wellness mind (learned positive thoughts) as opposed to thinking with your emotional mind (negative automatic thoughts [ie. I never, you always; black & white]) It's very technical but I find it to be so true, especially in my work with clients (which is probably why I come from a psychological perspective instead of a sociological perspective) While I do agree that larger systems have a direct impact on behaviors/emotions (ie: nature vs. nurture), I fully believe we can control how we think/feel/process these things with our internal locust instead of external locust (often blaming, or not taking responsibility).

I hope this didn't bore you to tears, it is something that interests me so much as a human being, and especially a psychotherapist/addictions specialist. If you want to read more of this, a book that might be along your lines is The Places That Scare You, By Pema Chodron (an ordained Buddhist Nun) Her philosophy is to be where you are and feel what you feel, acknowledge and process. Great read.

Great post tonight Erica. I am actually going to Borders as soon as I post this to check out this book. Thought provoking. THANK YOU!

Jessi said...

So, I just went back to re-read what you wrote, looking for more details about this book, and it raised another question for me (this will be my last comment to this post I swear, I really am going to Borders) But, do you think the Universe is really a metaphor for the mind? I think it's like the placebo effect.

The Universe doesn't really give you 10 clients a week. That is a direct result of your skills in the field of massage therapy, how you treat your clients, how effective your services are... If you didn't do what they needed you wouldn't continue to get referrals, new clients, a positive reputation. So I wonder if it all has to do with the power of positive thinking as the motivator.

Oh, I am so out the door as we speak...

Jessi said...

So, I lied.

Addendum to my last post:
I just had a thought. If one were to believe in the Universe as a living thing/Higher Power, then I suppose it could "give you things/make things happen" and some of your readers may believe such and I don't want to discredit that.

I, on the other hand, think emirically, I like research and evidence based theory.

I need to step away from the computer. This is "all your fault" for "making me" think tonight ;)

Great post!

Cray and Bickford Family said...

Jees...I don't know, Jessi, I just wanted to stop being such a bitch all the time...

Just kidding :)

Honestly, my thought is that if you believe in something hard enough, you can make it happen.

Nobody got anywhere by thinking "man my life sucks, I'm not going anywhere", etc, etc. You have to believe it hard enough.

I keep thinking about when I went to school. I couldn't think "there is no way I am ever going to make it" because I wouldn't have. I had to believe I could do it and think about the end and all the benefits of finishing.

Having said all that, I don't believe that we get anywhere in life without hard work. I also couldn't have made it through school just by wishing it could happen - I had to work my butt off to make it happen.

The Secret talks a lot about the "vibrations" we put out there and that we attract the same vibrations. Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks a lot about this as well. If we are putting good vibes out there we will attract the same.

So, yes, I must be an amazing massage therapist and make my clients feel great (which I am and I do :)..) but I also have to feel it and believe it and put it out there with my vibrations or energy.

I understand your needing research and evidenced based theory - but I have gotten to a point in my life where I need to stop analyzing certain things (like the belief in a Higher Power). I would get so caught up in the "what ifs" that I never stopped to really see the benefits of just believing. Sometimes I just have to let the analyzing go...not for everyone, but something I had to do. And in the end, I can do my own testing - right now, 10 clients per week - if it works, well, what have I got to lose? :)

You can also get The Secret the movie - maybe you can get your answers faster :)

Glad you enjoyed the post - I think the comments alone could make a whole separate one!!

Nicki said...

Well I for one don't know if there is a higher power, if there is a "universe" or if (and please Earl forgive me) a such thing as Karma, BUT I do believe that your outlook and attitude do help shape your environment and your life. Do I really believe that by asking you shall receive a million dollars no, but I believe that by believing you earn 1 million dollars you can. Just like asking to lose 100 pounds can't just be "given" to you, it is something you have to believe that you can do yourself. I think the true secret, isn't really a secret after all, it is all in believing in yourself and your abilities.