Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

When you have a moment check out the following: http://www.canuvworms.blogspot.com/

This blog is written by a man living in Iraq, running a company called Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

These shoes (http://www.buyshoessavelives.com/) are traditional, handmade, Iraqi shoes called klash.

The most wonderful thing about these shoes is that for every pair you buy 50% goes to saving an Iraqi child in need of heart surgery. You can read more about the need for heart surgery in Iraqi children here: http://buyshoessavelives.com/cvd

The blog is an amazing experience alone...to hear the stories of the Iraqi people, the learn about their culture and their lives from someone other than CNN or FOX news...amazing!

What do you know about Iraq? What do you know about the people or cultures in Iraq? What I know is what I have heard from the media - war, famine, terrorists, Shiites, Muslims, Saddam...but none of it means much of anything to me.

To have the opportunity to learn about these things first hand must be an amazing experience. To share that with the world - that gives ME an amazing opportunity. I look forward to checking in on this blog daily and learning more about this amazing adventure!

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