One of THOSE days

Have you ever had one of those days? The days that every single little thing grinds your nerves so hard that you want to scream? Yeah, THOSE days. I am having one...

Z is going through a bag of clothes a friend of mine handed down to him and he feels the need to pose in every-single-thing...including each winter hat and mitten set. Cute most days...today I am annoyed.

Kirby was watching Home Improvement earlier (while searching the web for job possibilities) and laughing at the most ridiculous things. Great that he was having a good time...down right annoying to me.

A isn't doing his work in school. Most days I would chalk that up to a typical "autistic moment". Today I forced him to do the work he was supposed to do at school AND his homework and re-write anything that wasn't "perfect" - meaning something that actually resembled the "A" he was supposed to be writing.

I have sent 3 emails today minus the attachments they were supposed to have. That's always fun (expecially when you are emailing people that you don't even know - way to make a first impression).

Every time I hear, "hey Mom" I cringe a little bit....

It is one of those days that my children should be thankful I don't use corporal punishment...

And I'm not even PMSing.

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Life With Us said...

Hi Erica-

Oh my god! I'm having one of those days too! Thank god my mouth has a filter or I'd have been swearing all day at school today!

Did you see the article by Reuters about a study finding that hyperbaric chamber therapy is showing promising progress for children who have autism? I just read an interesting article. Thought you might be interesting in looking it up.