Another Andrew Shenanigan...

Have I told you all about last year's New Years Eve celebration? I didn't think so. I can't imagine why I haven't because, I swear, this one is priceless!

Every year we walk downtown and watch the New Years Eve parade with the boys. It's a short parade with lots of noise and lots of fun. As the parade passes you join in and walk down to the town docks to watch the fireworks. It is always cold and busy and CRAZY down there but we love it.

Last year we were standing in about 5 feet of snow (now, now, I am not know for my exaggerations)...it was especially crowded and it was dark (or course). At the time, A had a bit of an obsession with Barack Obama (nothing like his mother). He also has a bit of a hard time keeping his attention on any one thing...

He turns to talk to the people behind us (we do NOT know these people). It's dark...there is a Hispanic man standing behind us...A screams:


I want to melt. I want to fall to the ground and die. Right there. Of course, I don't because those times that you really wish death on yourself due to humiliation it never comes.

I turn and apologize to the man who is laughing hysterically behind us.


So, we are hoping for a repeat this year :)

Happy New Year to you all! I am sorry I have been a bit MIA but I promise I will be back as soon as I have my house back (the boys and Kirby are all enjoying an extended Christmas break and won't go back until Monday - have I ever told you how much I LOVE Mondays).


Sometimes Sophia said...

Good one. Barack Obama in the crowd? I'm glad the man had a sense of humor. No need to be embarassed. Kids are great!

Senor is 6'3", has snow white hair and a stately appearance... He spends a lot of time in his schools and invariably a kindergartener or 1st grader will ask, "Are you the president?" Once, during an election year, he even got, "Are you Mr. Gore or Mr. Bush?" Funny stuff.

yulz said...

wahaha it cracks me up :p
wonder if I had made something that makes my parents wanna kill me of doing something crazy when I was a kid :p
Happy New Year ~