Every day I have a list of things to do. More often than not I forget or put it off or get involved in something else until 5pm comes along and I think "WTF have I been doing all day?". Then at bed time I lie awake thinking of all the things I need to do the next day. It is not uncommon for me to grab my cell phone and start making up lists of things I NEED to remember to do. Sometimes it helps. Other times I ignore it long enough that I forget about it. I am such a procrastinator.

We have had some type of cold bug in our house for over a week. Needless to say, my house is trashed. TRASHED! From top to bottom. But today I have the day off and today is the day it HAS to be taken care of. Before I lose my mind...

So today I have a list. I am giving myself permission to hop on the computer after I finish each thing and check it off (and maybe check my Facebook too 'cause I am busy whopping Nicki's butt at Scrabble and can't let it go too long between turns).

  • Make beef stew and bread for tonight's dinner
  • Clean out A's playroom
  • LAUNDRY (and NO this does not mean washing and drying it all to leave it on the couch - you have to fold it too)
  • Wash sheets
  • Wash, dry and put away dishes
  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Vacuum living room and sweep stairs
  • Fill Andrew's prescription (for the stinky ear infection)
  • Make bed with clean sheets
  • Find A's costume for holiday play
  • Bathe both boys
  • Dinner done and eaten by 5
  • **Edited to add** Don't beat yourself up if you don't finish everything
  • Call Sarah and check in on her (preferably while you are doing one of the other chores)

I have 3 hours to complete it all before the kids make it home from school. We have their holiday play tonight so there won't be much time to do anything after they get home...

So if you try and call and I don't answer its because Newsies and Les Mis are turned up full blast and I can't hear anything...wish me luck!

**Edited** Confessions:

I did not make the beef stew because, apparently, beef left in the fridge for a week is no longer good (at least it didn't smell or look good when I opened it).

I did not actually TALK to Sarah. She was at work when I called but I told her I was thinking of her and to give me a call when she could.

The playroom will have to wait for another day...although it NEEDS to be done before Santa comes. He will not leaves presents at a house where the kids moms haven't cleaned up the messes.


Christy said...

I always have waaaay too much on my To-Do lists and then am bewildered as to why I can't get everything done...it's crazy. Good luck on yours! :)

Nicki said...

can you make me a to do list? oh and do some of it FOR me?

Nicki said...
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Jeanne said...

I always figure that the WORST thing that can happen when the house is dirty is that elves will sneak in and clean it for me. And that's never happened, so I'm good!

Jessi said...

I was listening to Jon Tesh the other day (I know, I'm a nerd) He was actually talking about this very thing. I'll fill you in later ;)