Thursday's Thankful Thirteen

Here we go again, another Thursday, another Thankful Thirteen. If you want to play, leave a comment here and link your blog back here.

1. I am thankful for our MIRACLE of numbing ear drops.

2. I am thankful that the boys' holiday play was such a success and that Z was able to have a speaking roll in his last year.

3. I am thankful that my mother, sister and father's wife were able to make it up for the show.

4. I am thankful that A has so many wonderful friends in our town and that his Dunkin Donuts friend (Mrs. Roberts) was able to come to the show. Also thankful that she is beyond wonderful to him - he loves his yearly Hess truck Christmas present.

5. I am grateful to all the power crews that took care of our state during the recent ice storms. My mother was without power for 5 days and she is one of the luckier ones - many are still without.

6. I am thankful that our town has their OWN power crew and we do not need to depend on PSNH (the crew that most of NH does depend on). We only lost power for a few hours in the middle of the night and our crew got right on it!

7. I am thankful that my neighbor has friends that check in on him and were able to get him the help he needed before his mental health became a more immediate/serious problem.

8. I am thankful that we have friends and family we can depend on, people that I know will always be there and people that my children can turn to.

9. I am thankful to have a job. During these "tough economic times" I am blessed.

10. I am grateful that my children do not expect a lot of us this time of year. Of course, on each of their lists there is something extravagant, but they do not go overboard. I guess, honestly, I am thankful that they are so easy to please :)

11. I am thankful that even though my father is a complete mental case, who drove to camp the day after the ice storm came through, he and his wife made it to and from safely, bringing back two Christmas trees and the old refrigerator (that they replaced with one that actually makes ice cubes).

12. I am thankful that A is feeling better and that, aside from the nose running, he seems all but over his cold.

13. I am thankful that a week from today will be Christmas. That all the shopping will be done. And that my kids will be sitting in the living room watching their new movies, playing with their new toys and enjoying our family.

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