What's for dinner?

In our house tonight we are having an easy peasy casserole with chicken, rice and cream of mushroom soup with sliced pears and raw baby carrots. Easy, delicious, relatively low fat...

So what is the problem you may ask (because dinner time in our house is ALWAYS a problem).

The problem is that one of my kids always doesn't like something.

Z loves the rice - A does not.

A loves the mushrooms - Z does not.

They will both eat the fruit and vegetable (which is why it is all RAW and not even steamed).

I can do nothing right when it comes to dinner. Unless we are making macaroni and cheese every night of the week I am screwed.

Kirby and I are trying to lose some weight (TRYING is the operative word). This means the meals need to be a little healthier around here. I'm not saying we need to cut out anything or even mac and cheese completely - but we do need to make an effort.

I am taking any and all ideas you have for a healthy, easy, kid friendly meal.

**Edited to add: A asked, as I was dishing the casserole onto his plate, "EEEWWW, WHAT IS THAT?" Neither even took two bites of their casserole (even though Z said "I KNOW I am going to like this) but they did finish their pear and carrots. Z even had a few bites of the lobster that we got as a Christmas present (more on that later).

And, after having a discussion with Kirby last night about trying to lose weight, he brought out the cookies as soon as he was finished his dinner. I swear, it is a losing battle in this house.**


Carrie said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I grew up in a family where decorating the tree on Christmas Eve was fairly normal. I usually get it up on time, but take it down WAY too late. One of my friends joked that she was going to buy me stuff to make a St. Patty's Day Tree!

As far as your meals go, I don't have much help to offer. The midget is just like her Dad and will eat pretty much anything. Good luck!

Tiffany said...

Meals are so hard. I have 4 kids and they all have different foods they don't like. It's hard to find something they all eat. I just keep giving it to them. Sometimes I tell them it's not my favorite either, but it's what we have for dinner. Even my 16 year old is still picky and refuses to eat certain things. What can you do?

Twenty Four At Heart said...

It IS impossible to please everyone in the same meal very often. We grilled hamburgers tonight ... but BBQing isn't something people can do during the winter in most parts of the country. If you find a great solution - let me know!

ScrappinAway said...

Too Funny! My 18 month old is currently in a stage where I can't get her to eat anything other that a peanut butter sandwich, fruit and string cheese. Things she used to love she turns her nose at now. I guesses this is a stage, but since your boys are older, it seems like a stage that lasts a while! lol!
You were ahead of my on roll call at SITS and I thought I would say hi!