So, I am a moron. Well, not entirely. But when I am excited I don't read well...WTF is up with that?

So, the SITSmas prize giveaway is happening ALL DAY today. Every hour on the hour they are putting up another FANTABULOUS prize.

The GREATEST prize? The one that I want more than ANYTHING (even more than the IPod I swore I NEEDED and the vacuum that I wanted to replace my SUCKY one)...the GRAND PRIZE is a $200 Gift Card for Target!!

Can I just tell you that my children would have the BESTEST Christmas EVER if I won that card!! We are BIG budgeters around here. We plan and plan and budget and budget and this card would nearly DOUBLE what we spend every year. Seriously!

So, back to me being a moron, I was suppose to mention this in my last post...so silly of me. I just got overwhelmed with all the excitement and forgot to read the ENTIRE post about it.

Readers, go check it out! Entire yourself (or not, cause really, I WANT TO WIN).


Marshmallow Circus said...

Ha, ha, I did the SAME thing-got so excited I had to keep editing!

vanessa said...

Well I will keep my fingers crossed you win. I just ran across SITS and found your blog. Great job

WheresMyAngels said...

Did I mention it? Well I did mention I was going to win it ;)