In all the SITS excitement yesterday I discovered a new blog called Parenting Pink. Honestly, I found a number of new blogs to read but she is new to the SITS family so I dropped on over to offer some SITS love. While I was there I read about this:

Coprophobia - fear of excrement

I realized that any one person that suffers from Coprophobia could NEVER (and I mean NEVER) do my job.

In between responding to all the SITS girls love, chatting with Nicki and making a KICK ASS dinner (bison stew - much like beef but with bison - and homemade bread bowls) I was cleaning up excrement. All kinds of excrement. Everywhere.

A and I started our morning by him going on the potty all by himself - so exciting!! I was psyched! I encouraged him to keep trying to be sure that he was done. He swore he was done. I told him to get a pull up and went to the computer for a minute to check my comments. Less then a minute later I hear, "Moooooooommmmy POOOP". Sure enough, there it was, ALL over my carpet!

And our afternoon started with Z yelling "MOOOOOOOOM, there's a wet spot all over the couch cushion....I think it's pee". Our NEW couch. The one that I carried up the stairs by myself...ok, that's a bit of exaggeration, but still.

Thank god I borrowed (stole) the steam cleaner from the girl I share space with. I whipped it out did the carpet and the cushion no problem. Except that I am SO tired of cleaning up excrement.

This morning...."MOOOOOOM, A just pooped all over the floor". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! SERIOUSLY?!

I'm done.

So now A is in underwear. Real big boy underwear (it's inside out but if I say anything he screams "that's how I like it" so I let it go). The timer is set for every 30 minutes. If he poops on the potty he gets gum. If he has an accident I have the steam cleaner.

This child is going to get potty trained if it kills me.

I even promised him a playdate with "Jon" once he is potty trained....

Please pray for me today. Please pray for my child. Please pray that the steam cleaner will be able to handle a day full of poop....

Honestly, if I have to clean up much more excrement I think I am going to develop coprophobia. I am beginning to fear excrement. Even the thought of it.

God help me!


gingela5 said...

Oh wow. Good luck with all of that! I'll be thinking of you when I'm on the potty! haha kidding

Twenty Four At Heart said...

You poor thing! I'm sending you hugs! ALSO - you really have me curious about bison now?? Is it good? Where do you get it?

verygoodyear said...

Just don't develop coprophagia!

Sometimes Sophia said...

Poor you!! I remember those days. I was so bad at potty training... and so thrilled to be done with diapers when the day FINALLY came.

You and A are in my prayers!! The steamer... I don't know...

Christy said...

I will definitely be thinking of/praying for you! That is a pain in the ass (no pun inteneded. LOL.) I have to deal with a lot of poop with all the animals I live with! And I hate it!

Good luck!