Greasy, smelly sleeping

So last weekend started with a bang...or a slip, I guess. It was just an idea of what the weekend would entail. Totally stunk!

A was upstairs, playing quietly in his playroom. Or so I thought...

He was actually in my bedroom, "painting". I say "painting" because he wasn't using paint...and he wasn't using a brush, and he wasn't using paper. Instead he was using every single bottle and tube of whatever he could find on my comforter.

Vaseline, A&E ointment, moisturizers, diaper rash cream and even a few medicated ointments that I would rather not reveal to the world.

It was EVERYWHERE. The comforter was COVERED. He dumped it all over the bed and spread it all around...ugh.

Thankfully since my new found love (or something) of cleaning, the bed was made and he was only able to cover the comforter and not the set of sheets.

Of course, we washed the comforter immediately in HOT, HOT, HOT water (how energy efficient). It didn't work. It smelled like the Vaseline (why Kirby bought scented Vaseline for A's diaper rash is beyond me) and it was covered in grease spots.

Of course, they are currently replacing our furnace. No heat. And, of course, it dropped below 40 last night and I had the windows open all day. Pretty cold.

So last night we slept under a sheet, thin cotton blanket, a beautiful quilt my mother made (beautiful, just not incredibly warm) and a smelly, greasy comforter.

To anyone that may wonder why we have used furniture and never buy anything new and beautiful I offer this.

And just a heads up, I am not revealing Kirby's embarrassing story. He reads the blog (occasionally) and he told me yesterday (after he read my post) that he really appreciated that I wouldn't be sharing the story...I just can't do it.


Sometimes Sophia said...

I'm totally with you on this one. Look on the bright side, though... They say to stop a cough, just apply Vicks VaporRub to the bottom of your feet. Maybe, just by slithering your soles across the comforter, you'll be able to accomplish the same. :)

gingela5 said...

Oh wow---that would be awful! Maybe you can go buy a cheap comforter for the time being. I think I would wake up with headaches if I had to smell that!

WheresMyAngels said...

Oh I love laughing at your pain! Sorry but I got my own so it is nice to laugh at others.

I did tell you about the time Aysha painted the toilet lid with my best foundations and my best make up brush!! lol

Mercede got pissed at school yesterday and ripped her shirt off. Yes ripped it in half. She had not done this stuff so I know she is testing. I'm going to tell them to suspend her next time as she loves school and that might make her rethink it!

Crazy Momma said...

Sophia, you crack me up!

Gingela, I think we will be okay temp...they replaced the furnace today just kin time for the temp to start climbing...it is already hot enough in here for me to break a sweat vacuuming. Ugh!

Angels, I love the idea of suspension. A loves school so much that I threaten him with it when he is out of control. "Yuo can't do that in school, if you want to go to school like a big boy you better knock it off".

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Ew that sounds like a mess to clean up. On a brighter note - you have cool weather. It was 100 here again today and it is getting old. I would love a couple cool days!

Jessi said...

hehehe... I love Andrew's shenanigans... I'm sorry for you and your comforter, but from a bystanders perspective... it's adorable.