Introducing us

Zachary's second grade class started a blogging project. In order for us to leave comments we needed an account too. So, I decided to sign us up and start a family project as well.

Let me introduce our family: We are the Cray/Bickford Family of Wolfeboro NH. Dad (Kirby), Mom (me-Erica), Thomas (17), Zach (7) and Andrew (5). If you are looking at our picture you are probably wondering who I haven't named...that is Allyson. She is Kirby's eldest daughter and moved out about a year ago.

We have lived in Wolfeboro together for about 6 years. We love Wolfeboro. I worried about living so far away from everyone (mainly my family in Rochester) and everything, but we love it up here! It is quiet (we live right in downtown and the loudest thing to wake us is the snow removal during the winter months) and we love the schools.

We are very close to my family and it would be very unlikely to go two weeks without seeing them. My father and his wife bought a movie projector and we do lots of "Movies in the Barn" every summer. This evening we are heading down to watch some Holiday movies on the big screen in the house.

Zachary is involved in karate - though we are looking for a new school. Tom is taking driver's ed - and making Dad and I feel a whole lot older than we really are - he will be graduating in June. Andrew just started kindergarten and he LOVES it. This is Andrew's first experience in a "typical" classroom - he is on the autism spectrum and attended an integrated preschool for two and a half years before starting kindergarten.

I am a stay-at-home Mom and Massage Therapist. I own my own business here in town and arrange my hours so I work when the kids are in school or when Dad is home. Kirby is a salesperson for an insulation company and travels across the state most days for work.

The boys love snowmobiling and Dad just bought a second one so they are hoping to take longer trips together this year. We got out first snow this week so they took a few loops around and were truly disappointed that they couldn't go further (trails don't officially open until December 15th).

Andrew and I do a lot of walking in the morning before school. It tends to keep him better focused throughout the day. I don't know what we are going to do now that the cold weather and the snow are here. I am looking into the "Smart Cycle" to help him get out his energy in the morning. Perhaps Santa....

I am very involved in the upcoming presidential election. I am one of a group of volunteers here in Wolfeboro that make phone calls, write post cards and knock on doors for our candidate. The little boys have gotten involved as much as a 5 and 7 year old can. Zachary even got to shake our candidate's hand a few weeks ago!

I guess that's us in a nut shell. I am going to try to get the family as involved in this as possible. I know that there are different blogging groups that you can be part of...Zach and I have started a gratitude list too...a few things to help us get more involved.

Till next time...


Carpenter 2T said...

Hey guys, isn't this neat?

Great beginning to your blog.

Lise T.

Cray and Bickford Family said...

It is neat! We are glad to be a part of this experience!