A day of cleaning

I went through a bit of a "nesting" day today. Usually that term is reserved for pregnant women (which I am not) but that is what it felt like. It seems to be in the air. My friend Nicki went through it yesterday and my friend Keni-Lynn is doing the same today.

This time of year we tend to do a deep winter cleaning. We empty out toy boxes and book shelves of anything that is broken or that the kids have grown out of. I tell the little boys that they need to make room for all the new things Santa is going to bring them and that we should donate the toys and books that are still good to kids who are less fortunate.

Zachary HATES cleaning. It typically turns into more of a battle than it is worth. He spends hours in his room doing nothing when, in all actuality, it would take him 30 minutes TOPS to finish.

I am very happy to report that he finished without too much of a fight today. He even wrote a blog about it (see the previous post if you haven't already).

Andrew is incredibly unhappy with me right now. I have taken 4 plastic bags full of toys from his room. None of these toys were anything that appeared to be too special to him - mostly miscellaneous McDonald's toys or toys from Grampie's "treasure chest". However, when he saw the toys that he had forgotten about (like the Dora House with the broken door and missing pieces) he had a fit! I am not sure that he is going to forget them again - he may be asking Santa for another Dora House this year.

The next step is going through Zachary's closet. I think that is going to be accomplished while the kids are at school...I have given up on the fight for a while.

We are hoping that the presents of toys are a bit less this year. My sister and I have asked that the family not buy toys for the kids that are made in China. In light of the recent, ever growing, list of recalls, we would rather not take a chance.

Besides all that, the kids have SO MUCH! They are never in NEED of anything and when they are overwhelmed with toys, well, they are just that. Overwhelmed! And I find that overwhelming leads to boredom and that leads to mom losing her mind!

So, once the cleaning is complete we will bring the toys and books where they can be used or given to families that need them. I heard yesterday that Goodwill is not accepting toys this year (also due to the ever growing recalls). We may end up dropping them at the Hospital Street Fair barns...only for a few to end up back here next summer...ah well...what can you do?

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