Sick Day

Today Andrew is home sick. I kept him home today hoping to let him rest and get well enough to participate in his school holiday performance tomorrow. He is SO excited about the play that I would hate for him to have to miss it...

So far, he has done a lot of coughing, his cheeks are pink and he is a bit lethargic...no progress.

He is drinking plenty of water and a little juice so I am hoping that come tomorrow morning I can, at least, give him some cough medicine to help him through the day and send him on his way.

We are expecting a storm tomorrow night. I hope that it doesn't keep too many of our family members from making it over for the performance. Each has at least a 45 minute drive, so we will understand if the snow keeps them at home.

The boys are both incredibly excited and have been practicing for weeks! I can't wait to see it myself. Mrs. Goodwin and the kids at Carpenter always put on such a great performance! It is one of my favorite things about this time of year!

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