Conversations with Andrew

For safety reasons, Andrew sleeps in our room. He is a wanderer and has been found wandering the house in the middle of the night on numerous occasions and even outside once...he is not a good sleeper and wakes often throughout the night for as glass of water or a hug or just to talk.

Last night as I came into the bedroom we had a little conversation:

A: Mommy is that you?
Me: Were you expecting someone else?
Andrew: Mommy I was at Tizzy's house.
Me: Oh yeah? When was this (knowing full well he has never been there)?
At this point in time he becomes incoherent and isn't making any sense..,
Kirby and I start talking about his day...
A: Guys! Stop talking!
Kirby and I start talking is hushed voices...
A: Guys! I can't listen to all this talking!
Me: Alright, Andrew, we'll stop talking just go to sleep.
After a few moments of quiet...
Andrew: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy!
Kirby: Andrew you told us to stop talking. What to you want?
Andrew: I love you...

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Auntie Sarah said...

I've been married for 26 years to the most wonderful man and we have 2 kids, Eden and JD. This conversation just made me hoot as that was very much my "audio" while raising a 2 year old ADHD boy who just loved to climb. I called him J.D.H.D.! hahha thanks for your prompting my precious memories of those years - they fly by honey bee!!!