Prayers and well wishes

Kirby and I will be attending a meeting tomorrow morning. It is an important meeting that will, hopefully, give us some answers and start a process of closure.

I am nervous and anxious. He, in typical Kirby fashion, is sleeping through his nerves.

Although I cannot and will not share the details of our meeting we welcome any thoughts and prayers for our family.

And if for nothing else, pray that this meeting will bring me back to some regular blogging :) I miss you all and apologize for the lack of comment love. I hope to be back soon enough.


dddiva said...

*Hugs* Prayers being said that whatever you are going through works out well for you all.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

(((Hugs))) and of course I will send prayers your way!

gingela5 said...

Love and prayers going your way! Good luck with whatever it is!