Bad Behavior vs. Boys Being Boys

This was found on my fridge following our lovely dinner conversation:

This still sits on my fridge - nearly a week later. Somehow, I still find it humorous.

My brother was here tonight for Zachary's weekly trumpet lesson and he too finds it humorous.

Is it wrong that I find this so funny? Am I encouraging "bad behavior" by leaving it there?

I guess I believe that "boys will be boys" and by discouraging it I am only, really, encouraging it. Eventually someone will mess up the letters and eventually someone will write something worse.

Hmmmm, must remove the F. U. C...and K. soon....


Lisa said...

BALLS! :) I was just thinking about you - hope you're feeling better!!

Crazy Momma said...

Hehehehe! Thanks, Lisa! Feeling pretty good all things considered! Looking forward to getting back to a shortened work week!