Sick kid

I swear that my children have been sick for a month. They can never be sick at the same time. They have to pass it back and forth so that one of them is always sick.

Today we kept Zach home from school even though he was feeling fine. He started with a fever on Friday that lasted through Saturday and came with a cough and the sniffles (oh yeah, this is PRIME H1N1 material). Today the cough and sniffles persisted.

I forgot to call the school to let them know he would be in so the nurse called me to check. I informed her that I was NOT keeping him home for my sake, he was driving ME crazy and that she really needed to thank ME for not exposing him to the world 'cause REALLY he was FINE and could she please ask his teacher to pull together all his missed work so he would stop driving me NUTS.

Now he sits at the kitchen table working on schoolwork. Quietly. Thank GOD for teachers that work kids too hard.

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