The olden days

Now that I am feeling a bit better (I won't say I am 100% because that would be a lie) it is time for the kids to have vacation...of course.

So, again and still, I will probably not be updating regularly this week. We have dentists' appointments and haircuts and sleepovers and bowling and birthday parties all scheduled this week.

But even more fun, I bought a scanner this past weekend. We were in need of new ink for the printer and the printer/scanner I bought cost us as much as the ink for the old printer was going to cost. It just made sense.

Man, oh man, this is fun! I have posted over 100 pictures on my Facebook page of high school friends and summer "camp" friends (much to their dismay). I am loving this!

This is a picture of my sister Monica (left), my brother Alex (the baby) and myself with our great grandparents.

This is a picture my grandmother sent us while they were in Florida for the winter. When we were younger she would write to us. My grandfather hated to have his picture taken (and still does). If you read the caption she says that he threatened to break her camera...that doesn't surprise me.This is my grandmother, her mother and my mother with Monica and I.

And my grandmother...I miss her and wish that my children had the opportunity to meet her and remember her.

So, I will see you next week with lots of stories of the adventures we had this week.


WheresMyAngels said...

I wish Aysha had met my grandmother. My older girls knew and loved her but Aysha never knew what fun Grandma could be.

verygoodyear said...

I love them! You inspired me to go post an old family picture on my blog too :]

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Isn't it great to go through old photos? I love it!