Autism Awareness Month Part II

This is more from the brochure that EANH will be distributing throughout local schools for parents and students to learn acceptance and tolerance.

Symptoms of Autism:

· Spinning objects
· Demands routine; resists change
· Difficulty in expressing needs, using gestures or pointing instead of words
· Repeating words or phrases in place of normal, responsive
· Laughing and/or crying for
reasons not apparent to others
· Preference to being alone, aloof manner
· Tantrums
· Not wanting to cuddle or be cuddled
· Little or no eye contact
· Unresponsive to normal teaching methods
· Sustained odd play
· Obsessive attachments to objects
· Apparent over-sensitivity or under-sensitivity to pain
· No real fears of danger
· Noticeable physical over-activity or extreme under-activity
· Uneven or underdeveloped gross/fine motor skills
· Non responsive to verbal cues; appears to be deaf although hearing tests in normal range

1 comment:

Chris said...

My niece suffers from autism and your list is quite accurate. Thanks for helping to bring awareness to this very sad disease.